Our Projects in the Medical Sector

Our projects within the medical sector, such as the Santa Clara Valley Medical Center Landscape Improvements and the Veterans Home of CA Skilled Nursing Facility in Yountville, showcase our commitment to enhancing healthcare facilities. Our expertise in specialized testing and inspection ensures these projects meet the highest standards of medical service delivery.

Santa Clara Valley Medical Center Landscape Improvements

Project Description: Achievement Engineering provided soils and compaction testing, AC pavement/concrete mix testing, and source inspections

  • Landscape, including tree removals, new trees, shrubs, berms, ground cover complete with irrigation system, etc.
  • Site Work including road realignment, new paving, walkways, ramps, stairs, other hardscape, road striping, footings for public art, outdoor furniture, grates, etc.
  • Underground site utility work including utility line relocations, new vaults, valve boxes, lift stations, pump controls, retention basins, etc.
  • Site lighting including new light poles, bollards, crosswalk lighting, monument lighting, etc.
  • Exterior signage including related concrete footings, monuments, flagpoles, etc.

Veterans Home of CA Skilled Nursing Facility Yountville

Project Description: The new $269 million, 240-bed, Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF) at the California Veterans Home in Yountville (Napa Valley), California, will replace the now 90-year-old Holderman Hospital.

The finished product will be a five-story, 285,000sq.ft., skilled nursing facility building, that matches the Spanish Colonial exteriors of the campus’ other major buildings. The new SNF will offer single-occupancy rooms, bathrooms in each, dining and social areas on each floor, with a main dining room, shops, exam rooms, nursing stations, laundry facilities and even a scooter repair shop on the first floor.

Project also includes the addition of emergency generator(s), central plant, utilities, and other  appurtenances, perimeter fencing, parking, roadways, and landscape.

The SNF is being built on concrete piles and slab on grade, with the main structure consisting primarily of pre-cast panels and floor planks. The precast concrete pieces (some of them 13 inches thick) are being manufactured in Sacramento, then transported to the construction site. The use of precast concrete in the design is to mitigate any damage from wildfires like the ones that plagued the Napa Valley and Sonoma County in recent years.

Achievement Engineering is currently providing testing and inspection for this project.

VA NorCal, Martinez Outpatient Clinic, Psychosocial Rehabilitation & Recovery Building

Project Description: The Martinez Outpatient Clinic project, part of the VA Northern California Health Care System, entailed the construction of a new Psychosocial Rehabilitation and Recovery Center (PRRC). This project was initiated with the demolition of Buildings AB2 and AB4, paving the way for the development of an 11,177 square foot, two-story facility. The new building serves as an outpatient clinic and education center, dedicated to supporting the treatment and recovery of Veterans dealing with mental illnesses.

The PRRC is designed as a state-of-the-art outpatient clinic, spanning over 11,000 square feet. The building’s envelope features a combination of exterior insulation and finish system, brick, and metal panel, contributing to its durability and aesthetic appeal. Additionally, the project scope extended to include essential site utilities, sitework, and landscaping, all integral to the functionality and accessibility of the clinic.

The completion of the Martinez Outpatient Clinic represents a significant enhancement in the Veterans Health Administration’s capacity to provide specialized mental health services. The new Psychosocial Rehabilitation and

Recovery Building stands as a testament to the commitment towards supporting the health and well-being of Veterans, offering a modern and conducive environment for treatment and recovery programs. 

Our firm provided specialized services in this project, including Special Inspections and Geotechnical Engineering Services. These services were critical in ensuring the structural integrity and compliance of the new facility with relevant safety and building standards. 

San Francisco VAMC, Patient Facilities Renovation

Project Description: In the 2021 renovation of the San Francisco VA Medical Center’s patient restroom facilities, Achievement Engineering provided quality control services, focusing on materials testing and inspection to uphold the project’s integrity. Our laboratory’s role was instrumental in ensuring that every component conformed to the stringent specifications required for healthcare facilities. Through advanced testing methodologies and rigorous inspection processes, we evaluated the mechanical properties, durability, and safety of construction materials, thereby facilitating a renovation that not only met but exceeded the necessary health and safety standards.

Canterbury Woods Assisted Living, Pacific Grove

Project Description: The renovation at Canterbury Woods not only enhances the living conditions for its residents but also underscores a commitment to technical excellence in construction and design. This project specifically targets upgrades in the skilled nursing facility, incorporating state-of-the-art safety and functionality features to comply with the 2019 California Building Standards Code and HCAI regulations. The focus is on ensuring that all renovations—ranging from fire safety improvements to mechanical system upgrades—adhere to rigorous health facility construction standards. Achievement Engineering’s expertise likely played a crucial role in materials testing, quality assurance, and special inspections, contributing to a safer, more efficient environment that meets the critical needs of its residents while reflecting high technical and regulatory compliance standards. This approach not only improves the physical infrastructure but also enhances the overall quality of care and living experience for the Canterbury Woods community.