Achievement Engineering Corp.
Achievement Engineering Corp.

Achievement Engineering Corp.

Quality Control & Quality Assurance: Achievement Engineering Corp. (Achieveng) has established strict QMS procedures in compliance with AASHTO R- 18, ASTM C-1077, ASTM D-3740 and ASTM E-329. It is mandatory these policies are to be followed and implemented by management and employees of the company.  We have regular in-house training for new personnel in regards to these QMS procedures. We have designated a “Quality Controller” who has responsibility for determining whether QMS procedures are being followed and implemented by company staff.

The laboratory and field staffs are required to follow our company procedures for implementing corrective action when nonconforming work or departures from policies and procedures have been discovered. The procedure shall identify the individual responsible for implementing corrective action and shall begin with an investigation to determine the root cause of the problem. Records of the corrective action are maintained. Records pertaining to external assessments, internal audits, proficiency sample testing, technician training, evaluations, equipment calibration, test data, test reports, etc. shall be retained for a minimum period of five years.


Credentials and Certifications: Achieveng laboratories are regularly reviewed and accredited by AMRL & CCRL to assess our quality control. Our Civil Engineers are registered with the State of California and Nevada; our inspectors hold certifications from AWS, ICC, ACI, AIA, NACE, CalGreen, USCGB, ASNT, NDE, EPA Renovator, DSA, Caltrans, etc.


Personnel: Achieveng is dedicated to providing professional services to our customers regardless of project size or cost. Our mission is to work accurately, safely and professionally to assure the quality and workmanship of projects. We have a dedicated and professional project team that works as one. This is vital to the success of any project. Our Registered Professional Engineers and Certified Inspectors, have an average of over 20 years of experience. Each Inspector is trained to respond quickly and efficiently in order to meet project deadlines/budgets. Inspectors also attend free in-house training and have continual educational intensive support to achieve the highest level in their field.


Insurance Coverage: Achieveng is fully insured. We have Domestic General Liability, Foreign General Liability, Worker’s Comp, Flood, Automobile, Pollution, and Professional Liability Insurance.


Safety: Achieveng has a Safety Plan in place. We also require all inspectors to attend OSHA Training courses. As of today’s date, we have had zero accidents on the job. We have regular safety meetings that all of our inspectors require to attend.


SBE, MBE & SF LBE-PUC: We are registered as a Small Business Enterprise (SBE), Minority Business Enterprise (MBE), and San Francisco Public Utilities Commission – Local Business Enterprise (SFPUC-LBE) in Federal, State, County, and City Jurisdiction levels.


Fees: Achieveng has very competitive rates; our in-house lab keeps our costs low so that we can provide you with the best possible rates.


Scheduling: We are very flexible with scheduling; although we request 48 hour notice still we have provided personnel anytime our clients needed an inspector due to unforeseen circumstances. We can also accelerate the project schedule without compromising quality by adding professional staff and working extended hours.


Lawsuits: Achieveng has no claims, lawsuits, or litigation pending in the courts within the last five (5) years. We have never had any type of project where the consultant paid claims or settlements or it’s insurers within the last five (5) years. We have also kept the same name for the past five years and have never used any other company name.