Achievement Engineering Corp.
Achievement Engineering Corp.
The team of Achievement Engineering Corp. (Achieveng) has been serving California for many years. Achieveng has an office and laboratory in San Jose along with Inspection offices in San Francisco, Sacramento, and Fresno. We have an excellent reputation in the industry and have performed on-call inspections and testing work in a variety of cities, counties, and regions in California. As a local business in Santa Clara County, Achieveng takes pride in being able to perform work in its own community. Providing our on-call services to public agencies, government agencies overseas, and private projects is the key to our success. The United States Navy has been one of our loyal clients. You will note from the company profiles and personnel resumes that the Achieveng Team is tailor-made for this contract. All government projects will be managed from the San Jose office, a logistical process that has worked extremely well for previous work on many similar contracts. In addition to the current staff, Achieveng has the resources and capability to mobilize additional personnel on short notice as well as managing teams of multi-disciplined consultants. As a successful engineering firm with several years of proven experience, we are well-positioned to meet your project requirements.  

Past Performance

Part of Achieveng’s success has been due to our ability to mobilize qualified individuals quickly. We are able to do this because our current staff is flexible and willing to tackle any assignment. We have a pool of individuals in the industry that are eager to join the Achieveng team. Our commitment to customer service is unquestionable and can be readily verified through our established list of client references as noted in the projects. This history reflects the same level of commitment that will be given to your project. Achieveng has been providing “on-call” or task order construction inspection and management services since our inception, working on over 400 projects totaling millions of dollars in construction. We have worked for counties, cities, airports, the U.S. Navy, and private developers. Our proven ability to continually provide excellent personnel and service, and establish and maintain positive and productive working relationships with these agencies, is why we continue to be chosen on rotating consultant lists. It is why more than 70% of our work is through repeat clients.

State and Federal Requirements

The Achieveng staffs have an average of 25 years of experience with a variety of private, local agencies, as well as State and Federal oversight, funding, and regulatory agencies. Our team was responsible for working with the Project Designers, Project Managers, Resident Construction Inspectors (RCI), and Inspectors of Record (IOR) to assure compliance and to deal with any necessary issues and requirements. In addition, the Achieveng Construction Administration and Inspection Training Manual is utilized by the Achieveng staff, making them very familiar with the many nuances and requirements of State and Federal oversight projects. Many of the staff worked on these projects and, again, not one has ever been denied funding for any reason. The Achieveng Team is fully capable and comfortable with dealing with any regulations, requirements, and expectations of not only City, but also State and Federal agencies.

Project Understanding

The Achieveng Team has a very clear understanding of the client’s expectations. The first step to a successful job assignment is to select the appropriate Achieveng personnel for the job and then foster a good working relationship with government personnel who is responsible for the work. Depending on the types of projects assigned, the project manager will determine which members of the team would be appropriate for each assignment and ensure they have the skills and experience to meet the needs of the project. Then, they will inform the Client representative or Project Manager of their proposed staff. This interaction will be made possible by the close communication that the project manager provides. After selecting the appropriate personnel for the work, establishing the important understanding and expectations of the client, as well as the relationship with the CRE is the next critical step. Past experience with agencies has shown that there are several types of inspection and hierarchical structures that can be utilized on the projects, somewhere the Achieveng personnel work directly with the local agency oversight staff and others where the Achieveng personnel are the only inspectors on the job and have to deal directly with the Project Engineer or Manager. This work varies between the types of projects including: private development, encroachment permits, and CIPs. Determining the structure, expectations, and requirements, as well as the communication and approval processes for decisions in each of the assignments will need to be established upfront. Prior to beginning work, the Achieveng Inspector will thoroughly review the contract documents, either through a formal review process or just as a matter of practice. This review can prove invaluable in heading off potentially costly problems or delays during the course of the work. The adage that an “ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” cannot be overstated. Once the project starts, Achieveng personnel will work with all of the stakeholders on the project to build a team environment and get the job done safely and efficiently. This team concept is very important in the Achieveng Approach. The owner, designer, contractor, utilities, oversight agencies, and the public are all part of the team. Developing and fostering honest and productive working relationships is imperative. This is done by effective communication, and being open and frank with all stakeholders, which ultimately leads to mutual respect and understanding. Also, as a representative of the owner, Achieveng has an obligation to do everything within its power to facilitate the work and get the best value for the taxpayer dollar. Achieveng personnel also set up project records (document control) tailored specifically to the needs of the project. As stated, we have a comprehensive Construction Administration and Inspection Training Manual and assessment program that provides uniformity for our personnel in the inspection and administration of a variety of projects. Achieveng understands that well-kept records are essential for proper contract administration and invaluable in the event of a claim. Achieveng is well-prepared and able to avoid claims and unnecessary changes and negotiate effectively on the County’s behalf when required. Timely and proactive field inspection is critical. The Achieveng inspection staff prides itself in being proactive, by thoroughly inspecting the work, particularly during a new operation or construction elements, and dealing immediately with any issues. Their inspectors are excellent communicators and do not hesitate to inform the contractor if something must be changed or modified. Achieveng understands that timely inspection is also critical to keeping the project moving forward. The Achieveng staff is committed to being available as required for this inspection and providing clear and concise instructions on any corrective actions necessary. The Achieveng inspectors are committed to quality, public safety, and will ensure that all work meets applicable codes and specifications. Achieveng recognizes that no program is successful unless you begin with high-quality, professional individuals that take pride in their work. The caliber of the people working with Achieveng, and those that are available to work with Achieveng, are some of the most competent and respected in the industry.

Project Philosophy

Achieveng will be flexible, efficient, and responsive to all of your requests. Because we are a local firm, every client is extremely important to us. Achieveng will make every reasonable effort to satisfy and exceed your needs and expectations. The Achieveng philosophy is very simple: teamwork. Achieveng prides itself on working with people to get the job done. This team concept is very important in how we approach everything. We believe that as a representative of the owner, we have an obligation to do everything in our power to help facilitate the work, not simply police it. It goes without saying that our primary responsibility is to effectively administer the project in accordance with the contract documents and assure that the contractor builds the project per the intent of the plans and specifications and that it is done in a timely and safe manner. Also, maintaining thorough, accurate, and up-to-date records is paramount, and over the years has saved our clients hundreds of thousands of dollars by successfully defending against claims and change order requests. However, the manner in which we administer and inspect is the key to a truly successful project. We believe that working with, not against, the contractor more often than not results in a win-win project. This does not mean that we let the contractor slide or cut corners, but that we administer and inspect it in a positive and productive way. Achieveng has learned through experience that the earlier a project issue is discovered, addressed, and resolved, the less likely it will turn into a problem. Being proactive in our review of the plans and specifications, inspection, communication, and developing positive and productive working relations is all part of a successful job. Being open, honest, and firm but fair with the contractor, and all other involved entities, is also critical, as it leads to building effective working relationships and leads to mutual respect among the parties. In short, our job is to solve problems and facilitate the work so that all the stakeholders win. Developing productive working relationships with other stakeholders will also be paramount. Keeping them involved and updated is one of the best means of avoiding costly delays and/or problems. This amounts to constantly fostering and nurturing these relationships with the necessary contact and consideration.