Fuel and Renewable Energy

Our Projects in the Fuel and Renewable Energy Sector

In the ever-evolving fuel and renewable energy sector, our projects like the Hakozaki Pipeline and the Wharf Refueling Capability Improvement Project in Diego Garcia are prime examples of our dedication to progress and sustainability. Our rigorous testing and inspection services ensure these energy projects operate to optimal standards and efficiency.

Defense Fuel Service Point (DFSP), Hakozaki Pipeline, Japan

Project Description: The $46 million initiative was dedicated to strengthening Defense Fuel Service Point (DFSP), Hakozaki’s infrastructure resilience against natural disasters like typhoons, tsunamis, and earthquakes. This involved installing 25 seismic pipe anchors, each weighing 24 tons, reinforcing nine miles of pipeline to withstand soil liquefaction during extreme weather. This upgrade enables the pipeline to endure earthquakes up to magnitude 9.0, crucial for operational continuity during seismic events.

The project’s successful completion enhances Naval Supply Systems Command (NAVSUP) Fleet Logistics Center (FLC, Yokosuka’s mission effectiveness, especially considering the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. This project is a historic achievement, marking the first major modernization since World War II. It not only protects against natural disasters but also ensures DFSP Hakozaki’s ability to handle petroleum products and bulk lube oil under adverse conditions.

The project involved overhauling 12 miles of pipeline, replacing 35% of existing pipes, and conducting thorough facility inspections. These actions are expected to extend the system’s service life by 25 years, ensuring continued operational efficiency.

Achievement Engineering contributed significantly by employing advanced Ultrasonic Phased Array (PAUT) techniques for pipeline weld inspections, maintaining quality and integrity. Additionally, we developed a tailored Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) procedure, enhancing testing efficiency and effectiveness.

Fuel System Repair and Modernization Diego Garcia

Project Description: Achievement Engineering played a crucial role in a comprehensive Inspection project for the Repair and Modernization of the Fuel System at Naval Support Facility, Diego Garcia. This endeavor encompassed various aspects, including the repair and upgrade of Tanks 2, 4, 6, and 31, which are essential for fuel storage. Additionally, it involved the enhancement of multiple pump stations and the replacement of certain pipelines.

Our quality assurance inspection services were instrumental in maintaining the highest standards throughout the operation. We ensured excellence in the design and functionality of various fuel system components, such as bulk storage tanks, pier receiving and issuing systems, hydrant systems, and ground fueling product systems. Furthermore, we focused on the meticulous design of spill containment structures and equipment shelter canopies.

A notable aspect of this project was the intricate replacement of the previous deadhead style Aircraft Direct Refueling system at the North Ramp. This system was replaced with a PLC controlled loop hydrant system capable of refueling aircraft at an impressive rate of 600 gallons per minute (GPM).

The location, environment, and available resources presented unique challenges for this project. However, Achievement Engineering’s expertise and commitment to quality ensured outstanding results in diverse project requirements and environments.

Achievement Engineering’s involvement in this project demonstrated our ability to deliver top-quality outcomes even in challenging circumstances.

Wharf Refueling Capability Improvement Project Diego Garcia

Project Description: Achievement Engineering was the Special Inspection Firm for the Wharf Refueling Capability Improvement Project at Diego Garcia’s U.S. Naval Support Facility. This project aimed to significantly enhance the refueling capabilities at the Deep Draft Wharf (DDW). Our expert team provided quality control inspection services for the construction of new fuel pits and pipelines from the main pump house to the DDW, expanding the existing main pump house, and providing new pumps, filters, motors, and controls for receiving and issuing fuel to the DDW. In addition to these developments, the initiative included an emergency fuel shutoff system, a roofed hose rack, and the installation of new fuel pumps at the tank farm pump house.

The successful execution of the project has bolstered the refueling capabilities of the region and, with Achievement Engineering’s meticulous quality control inspections, upheld the highest standards of quality and safety.

Tesla Supercharger EV Stations Throughout California

Project Description: In an initiative to support California’s green transportation future, Achievement Engineering played a key role in the effort to expand the electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure for Tesla, one of the world’s leading EV manufacturers. This extensive project aimed at installing Tesla charging stations across California, thereby facilitating the state’s transition towards sustainable transportation options and reducing carbon emissions.

Our role in this extensive project spanned across multiple phases, from the meticulous evaluation of concrete, soil, and steel materials to the precise inspection of reinforced concrete foundations that anchor the charging infrastructure securely to the ground. 

The project demanded a thorough understanding of the materials involved, rigorous attention to detail, and a proactive approach to problem-solving, all of which our team delivered consistently. Our work has ensured the structural integrity and safety of vital components, which are essential for the reliable operation of Tesla’s charging stations. 

Through detailed evaluations of concrete, soil, and steel, including the inspection of reinforced concrete foundations, our team’s expertise was pivotal in the successful implementation of Tesla’s charging stations across California, contributing to the state’s green transportation future.

Our inspection and technical team verified the quality and safety of all materials used, ensuring they met the highest standards. This meticulous approach supported the project’s goal of enhancing Tesla’s charging infrastructure, aligning with the company’s vision for sustainable transportation solutions. By ensuring the reliability and safety of Tesla’s charging stations, we contributed to a project that is set to revolutionize the transportation sector in California, making EVs a more accessible option for the state’s residents.