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Our Projects in Entertainment / Retail / Hospitality Sector

From the mixed-use hub at 605 Castro Street to the serene retreat of the Japanese Friendship Garden, our work in the entertainment, retail, and hospitality sector speaks to our versatility. Our inspection and testing services guarantee that these high-traffic destinations are not only places of leisure and commerce but also paragons of safety and quality.

Aloft Hotel – San Jose

Project Description: Achievement Engineering Corp. provided comprehensive materials testing and inspection services for the construction of Aloft Hotel in San Jose. The project involved the development of a 48,000 sq. ft., 5-story hotel comprising 175 rooms. The hotel’s structure was a combination of concrete and wood, presenting unique challenges due to its proximity to the bay.

One of the standout features of this project was its foundation system, which required a highly innovative approach. More than 150 pre-cast, pre-stressed piles were strategically driven up to 190 feet deep into the soil. This intricate foundation design was crucial to ensure the stability and safety of the hotel, considering its proximity to the bay.

Achievement Engineering Corp.’s team of experts played a vital role in conducting meticulous materials testing and inspection throughout the construction process. Our focus on precision and adherence to industry standards ensured that the foundation system and all construction elements met the highest quality and safety requirements.

Home 2 Suites Vacaville

Project Description: Achievement Engineering Corp. provided the Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessments (ESA) and geotechnical investigations for this project, which included a four-story hotel and related infrastructure spread over approximately 2.26 acres.

Our team performed Phase 1 ESA, assessing the environmental conditions of the site and identifying potential environmental hazards or concerns. By conducting thorough research, site visits, and interviews, we provided valuable insights into the site’s history and potential environmental risks, ensuring the project could proceed with an awareness of any environmental considerations.

In addition to the ESA, our geotechnical investigation played a vital role in ensuring the project’s structural integrity and stability. Through comprehensive soil testing, analysis, and assessment, we provided essential data to inform the foundation design and construction plans. Our geotechnical expertise enabled the successful installation of the unique foundation system required for the hotel’s proximity to the bay.

Japanese Friendship Garden Renovation – San Jose

Project Description: The project involves the construction of a control shed and filtration equipment on top of concrete pads and foundations.

During the severe storms in February 2017, Coyote creek overflowed and entered Kelley Park and the Japanese Friendship Garden. Most of the equipment in the existing pump house and treatment yard was flooded and damaged. In order to mitigate damage in the event of another flood, a new control room and treatment system that will protect most of the electrically sensitive equipment was designed. An area a few hundred feet away and around 15’ higher has been designated to contain most of the treatment equipment and the control room. This places the equipment above the 100 year flood level. There has also been a designed a system that replaces the existing ozone and sand filter systems with new UV sterilization units and propeller bead filters in order to provide a more efficient and safe filtration process.

TownePlace Suites by Marriot Hotel, Tracy CA

Project Description: For the TownePlace Suites project in Tracy, CA, Achieveng Engineering carried out a comprehensive soil assessment, crucial for determining the project’s feasibility and guiding the foundation design of the 108-room Marriott hotel. This essential step involved evaluating the soil’s physical and chemical properties, including its composition, density, and moisture content. The assessment aimed to identify any potential issues such as soil instability or groundwater presence that could impact the structural integrity of the building. Through this meticulous process, Achieveng Engineering Corp. ensured the project was built on a solid foundation, addressing any risks identified during the soil assessment phase to mitigate against future problems and lay the groundwork for a successful construction outcome.