Geotechnical Engineering Services

Geotechnical Engineering Services

Achievement Engineering Corp. (Achieveng) provides geotechnical services including site investigation, sampling & testing, and recommendations for development and construction.

With our expert team, we are also able to do Soils Investigation Reports, Helical Piers Solutions, Segmental Retaining Walls, Pile Driving, and Slope Stability Analysis for a variety of projects. Laboratory tests are performed to define soil properties and identify those soils that do not conform to project specifications.

We also design various types of retaining walls including concrete retaining walls, soldier piles, segmental retaining walls, and gabion walls.

We provide soil stability analysis for sloped developments and global stability analysis for a variety of segmental retaining walls as required by the client. We also do assessments for liquefaction and land-sliding hazards.

During construction, we provide observation and testing to make sure the project is in compliance with the building code and jurisdiction requirements.



  • Landslide
  • Liquefaction
  • Fault Rapture



When building commercial buildings, highways, dams, bridges, and other structures, a geotechnical evaluation must be performed to help determine how the qualities of the soil conditions on the site will react under the forces created by the weight of the structure. Achieveng’s geotechnical engineering team is the partner who can provide those services. Our qualified and experienced engineers provide on-site soils investigation, geotechnical recommendations based on deep foundation testing, foundation analysis, and stabilization practices.

Our geotechnical design engineering services support all phases of a project, from preliminary engineering through completion of the building process, including:

  1. Providing soils recommendations and advising owners on the structural and economical feasibility of a project based on on-site soils conditions.
  2. Defining the physical and engineering characteristics of the soil and rock and for probable behavior of soil loads and forces, evaluating this information, and making recommendations for design criteria.
  3. Seismic Hazard Evaluation during site investigation in order to provide site class seismic design parameters
  4. Observing conditions during construction and when necessary, modifying the design for any changing conditions throughout the project.

Achieveng is a vital member of the design team, focusing on design requirements and goals using state-of-the-art technologies and equipment to provide the best design recommendations.

Achieveng’s staff of geotechnical and technical professionals have a vast amount of experience and construction knowledge that can be utilized for any and all of our client’s requirements for all projects. Achieveng performs drilling operations and geotechnical and geophysical equipment that can perform a variety of sampling and on-site testing in the locations across the footprint of any structure and its adjacent site areas to achieve the best results for the design process. Achieveng has an accredited geotechnical and construction materials testing laboratory capable of performing a wide variety of tests and sampling required for the analysis and evaluation of on-site soils and conditions. Soils reports and test results are conducted per our internal quality assurance and safety plans with the goal of providing our clients with the necessary information to design a safe and durable structure.



Some jurisdictions require recommendations from a soil engineer to permit an existing pool to be back-filled. This recommendation includes the process of back-filling and level of compaction followed by a compaction test during the back-filling. Achieveng is familiar with the process in different jurisdictions.



Based on site geotechnical assessment, some projects may need slope stability analysis in order to ensure the stability of the structure on the slope.



Achieveng has the expertise to design various proposed retaining walls including:

  • Soldier Pile
  • Concrete
  • Segmental (Allan Block, Versa-Lok, Keystone etc.)
  • Tieback Walls