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    Batch Plant InspectionRebar or Strand ID / SamplingRebar Placement InspectionConcrete Sampling and Slump TestNS Grout Inspection / SamplingTendon Placement Inspection (PT)Post Tension (PT) Elongation (Stressing)Post Tension (PT) GroutConcrete Rebar ScanningConcrete Core Drilling (Two-man Crew)Shotcrete Placement Inspection and SamplingCoring of Pre-Consruction Shotcrete PanelDSA Shotcrete Inspection

    Masonry Block and Rebar ObservationGrout Placement and SamplingMortar Placement and SamplingPrism SamplingDSA Masonry Inspection

    Shear Wall NailingWood Diaphragm InspectionRoof Nailing

    Retrofit Epoxy Bolt / DowelExpansion Bolt Material ID and Torque TestPullout TestUnderpinning Anchor Observation

    Material Sampling – SoilSoil Compaction Testing With Nuclear GaugeSoils Observation Without Compaction TestSegmental Retaining Wall InspectionHelical Pile ObservationPush Pier ObservationFoundation or Drainage ObservationSoil Cement Mixture SamplingObservation of Soil Nail or Tieback StressingSampling of Grout for Soil Nails or TiebacksPile / Pier Observation

    Structural Steel Material VerificationMaterial Sampling – SteelField Welding Inspection (visual)Shop Welding Inspection (visual)NDT MT Level IINDT PT Level IINDT UT Level IICold Formed Steel Inspection (Light Gage)

    Fireproofing Thickness InspectionFireproofing Intumescent PaintHood Wrap Fireproofing InspectionFirestop Inspection

    Pre-Construction Meeting (Palo Alto)Rough Framing CalGreen InspectionIn-Progress CalGreen InspectionFinal CalGreen Inspection

    AC Batch Plant Sampling/InspectionAC Field Sampling/CompactionMaterial Sampling (Aggregate – Asphalt)

    Floor Flatness

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